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Bernadette Gardner Erotica

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Researcher Tess Ronson has been given a golden opportunity. When she agrees to have her consciousness downloaded into a prototype android body, she’s thrilled by the scientific and medical possibilities. The body, nicknamed Sydney by its creator, is physically perfect and stunningly beautiful, two things Tess is not.

For a week she lives a life she’s only dreamed of and learns far more about her own burning sexuality and untamable spirit than she thought possible. But after seven days in Sydney she also discovers the consequences of giving herself over to her every wicked desire.  

Warning: Explicit sex and language. This is an erotica title, not a romance.  



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Read a sample

He’s never been with a human female, she’s never been with a man she can trust. Alliana and Adam are from two different worlds and when he’s stranded in hers, she begins to realize it might be time to take another chance on love.

(Note: Hunter's Moon is revised and expanded from it's original version)

When she’s chosen for an alien breeding program, Victoria Cambridge finally meets the mate she’s been longing for. Unfortunately, his mission is to prevent the consummation that could join their two races.



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